Monday, March 2, 2015


A few days ago, I came across a very cool tool: Petit.

That tool helps filter standard Linux logs. Since I have my own (small) server, I need that kind of tool.

My server is really small: a Cubieboard, with a Debian distro. It has an internet fa├žade so I must at least cursolily read its logs. That's, hem, tedious. I am not at ease with the admin side of machines.

Back to the topic: Cubieboard is good, but it is not fast. Petit is written in Python; I needed something faster. So I wrote ExP, a Petit clone in plain C.

Well, "plain" is not really accurate. I am an object hacker deep inside. My C code is written in a modular fashion with a lot of encapsulation (static functions) and interfaces (structs with functions).

I find that way of programming usually enough to implement a basic OO design; the remaining of the object paradigm is usually useful in very few cases. When I need that, I switch to Eiffel, but most people won't follow there. Oh, well...

The project | Debian packages

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