Thursday, October 15, 2015

Moods and features

One month without posting.

One month during which I quit my previous job, moved near to Paris, and started something new.

One month during which I had to think a bit about my open-source future.

I played with the idea of stepping away from Eiffel. Well, I cannot. Eiffel, and particularly Liberty Eiffel, is in my blood.

On the other hand, I really need new features for pwd.

The feature #1 one being a secure web access, to avoid having to resort to ssh from the office, while still being able to get my passwords.

The infrastructure is already there. I have my own server, with an nginx server, and a pam-protected private area (URL not disclosed, obviously).

The feature #2 is the ability to add data to each key:
  • user name
  • url
  • tags
Compounded with this feature, I will need to change the internal format to something more flexible. Certainly JSON.

So that's my new aim. Enhancing pwd. And go on hacking, anyhow.

I guess I am back online.

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