Friday, February 26, 2016

makeup and decorations

This week was focused on basic work on libcad, the foundations library I use for circus and other projects.

My objective, for the upcoming weeks, is to code the framework and the first message of circus's client. For that, I need two components. Since those are likely re-usable, I coded those two components into libcad.

Templating engine

Yes, there are already templating engines. But almost none target pure C and those who do have a few shortcomings, such as the inability to define a specific memory handler. I need that for security.
So I started with a well-known spec: Mustache, and wrote cad_stache, the templating engine for Mustache in C.
Soon the ringmaster will proudly show off his mustachio.

CGI framework

In the same way, I found no convincing C library for CGI handling. Most target C++, and none allow for the customization of the memory handling.
So I started from my own CGI implementation in Eiffel, and translated in libcad.
I will also implement fastCGI, later, just to be complete. The library they provide is just awful: macro-ridden, even stdin/out are replaced by macros, meaning that all the components must be aware (i.e. depend!!) on the fastcgi thingy.
Circus will not use fastCGI, because the client is actually meant to die. It's a feature, not a bug.

To be continued…

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