Thursday, June 23, 2016

Let the lions out.

Finally! Circus has its core feature implemented: password generation.

The password generator is almost identical to pwd's: number of characters, and four classes of characters: letters, figures, symbols, and free-form (pwd only had the first three forms). The free-form allows to specify the exact set of characters to choose from.

Also in the news:

  • Templates now have "operators". Only one operator is implemented for the moment: count, which gives either the length of a string or the number of elements in an array.
  • An important update in libcad's packaging fixes a long-standing error: the -dbg package did not correctly provide the library's symbols. This fix will enable an accurate check of the memory leaks of Circus, and to fix them.

Hold your red nose, and make the whip crack: the lions roar!

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